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My Historical Fiction Novel focuses on helping writers no matter whether they are complete beginners or already possess some writing experience. I cover the writing of a historical fiction novel right from conception and planning, all the way through to getting the finished work published on Amazon’s self-publishing platform.



My name is Carla Acheson and I’m a busy mum, wife, and a historical fiction author and writing workshop instructor.

When people ask me what I love about writing historical fiction the most, I have to say that it’s the feeling I get when my historical characters come to life and express themselves on the page. Creating a whole person with all the quirks and facets of humanity within my own imagination is one of the most thrilling and enjoyable experiences I’ve ever had.

My novels are set in the Victorian era and well received by my readers, magazine and media publications, plus UK literary societies.

In 2015 my self-published novel became a #1 Kindle Bestseller in three Amazon historical fiction categories, which paved the way to a part-time career.

Despite my achievements I know full well that the path to publishing a novel isn’t easy, so one of the things I enjoy is guiding others who are just starting on the very same journey.


By leading writing groups and workshops in two different countries, in the past ten years I have helped people to feel confident enough to self-publish their work.

With the organisation of literary events, guest author talks and writing competitions, inexperienced writers start to feel more confident and in control of their work and life as an author. They grow steadily as writers and start to see how they can carve their identity and a path within the writing world.


“Nothing beats the feeling of writing a book that readers say they can’t put down.”

– Carla Acheson

If you’ve NEVER written a novel before but feel you are serious about committing to such an exciting challenge why not begin by downloading my free¬† “7 Steps to Your Historical Fiction Novel” guide. It’s just a little taster and concise guide to how to create a historical fiction novel.¬†

“I first met Carla at her writing group in Gibraltar. I was struggling to get my novel seen and she helped launch my writing craft to a new level. Now I am getting good reviews.”

— Kevin Chilvers - Author